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Engineering Geology of Cold Plains and Mountain Regions
Maleev D., Kvashuk S. - The study of anomalous section permafrost retreat at the soil baseline pp. 75-80


Abstract: The object of this research is the exploration of anomalous sections of permafrost retreat at the soil baseline. In such cases, the apex of soil frost attains a complicated shape, forming the steep edges and mirrors of subpermafrost water. The authors propose a new  method of seismic survey  (0.5-1.0 kHz). The suggested seismic method modification is based on the joint application of the refracted and reflected waves in accordance with time curves of first onsets in their complicated shape, considering the below-cutoff angles of retraction within the depression. The time curves of the retracted waves were solved using the complex numbers; while their geometry remained traditional – the null time method  for determining the depth of refracting boundary and differential time curves for calculating velocities in the apex of depression. The modified seismic survey for studying the anomalous sections of permafrost retreat under the earth structures in cold regions was obtained and tested in the course of the research. It allows mapping out the local depressions with steep edges under embankments, occurred due to violation of the production sequence of transportation systems or normal exploitation of the structures built in such conditions. The surface seismic surveying using the method of retracted waves, and particularly, conducted via the null and differential time curve have a potential for modification depending of the current objectives. In the conditions of below-cutoff angles of waves retraction, the tasks on determining the subsurface depressions are solved mathematically, with application of complex numbers; at the same time, the basic conditions for the method of retracted waves, such as coordination of time curves in mutual duration and the precision of determination of the average velocities remain unchanged.  
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