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Publications of Starikova Mariya Mikhailovna
Sociodynamics, 2018-12
Starikova M.M. - Housing inequality in the region (on the example of three cities of Kirov Region) pp. 78-105


Abstract: The subject of this research is the housing stratification in cities of the region. Relevance of this topic is substantiated primarily by the social consequence that emerge as a result of housing differentiation. Due to the fact that housing ranks among the vital needs, its quality directly correlates with the quality of life, level of development of the region, and desire to either stay of migrate from the specific locality. Within the framework of this article, the author presents the results of empirical sociological study of housing inequality conducted in the three cities of Kirov Region: Kirov, Kirovo-Chepetsk and Vyatskiye Polyany. Methodology is based on consideration of the expert opinions of realtors, statistical data and representations of population on their housing status. The comparative analysis of housing quality in microdistricts of the three cities. Particular attention is given to self-reflection of the respondents with regards to assessment of their housing facilities.  The article provides classification and “portraits” of microdistricts of the cities in accordance with the actual (objective) indicators of housing quality and subjective (estimated) and situational indicators of housing relations. On the basis of classification, the author makes the charting of microdistricts of the cities under consideration by the indicators of housing inequality. The analysis of public opinion illustrated that certain central microdistricts of the cities of Kirov Region significantly yield in housing characteristics to the suburban microdistricts, due to the fact that the central city zone is mostly presented by housing development of the Soviet era deteriorating due to the lack of funding for full repair or reconstruction. The author determines the differences in objective indicators of housing quality and subjective assessments of the residents depending on microdistricts of the cities, which testify to the phenomenon of “housing patriotism” in poor microdistricts.
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