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Philosophical Thought

The concept of N. Y. Danilevsky on the cultural-historical types as an option of Russias development
Burenkov Aleksandr

Director of the Institute of Russian and Slavic Studies named after N. Y. Danilevsky

143345, Russia, Moscow Oblast, PGT. Selyatino, Promyshlennaya Street 81/1, office #110



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The object of this research is the artistic heritage of N. Y. Danilevsky; the subject is his concept on the cultural-historical types and its impact upon the development of Russian in the modern conditions of global crisis. The author thoroughly examines the status of human society at the present stage of development, as well as provides the views of the Western researchers A. Toffler and F. Fukuyama, Russian thinkers M. A. Bakunin, A. A. Zinoviev, V. V. Ilyin, and A. G. Dugin, who confirm the major conclusion of the author about the crisis state of our civilization. The article presents the causes of crisis: principle of universalism that substantiates the main path of mankind; ideas of liberalism inculcated by the Western leaders; consequences of the Scientific Revolutions, which were not considered by the ruling elites. The author demonstrates of the role of such phenomenon as “Europeanization” named by Danilevsky as social disease, which forces our country to hold the position of Rearguard, permanently pursuing the advanced countries. In resolution of the question of attaining its own state ideology by Russia, which reflects the country’s national interests, the paradigm of N. Y. Danilevsky can play a big role. The concept of the cultural-historical types is based on the historical experience of Russia-Europe relations, as well as gives opportunity for establishment of the new relations between not only Slavic people, but also nations of other continents. The aforementioned concept, representing the alternative to universalism, gives a new impulse towards the search of other options of world structure and world order.

Keywords: patriotism, cultural-historical type, istoriosophy, monopolism, concept, social crisis, Westernism, liberal model, national ideology, Slavophiles
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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