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Modern Education

The peculiarity of structuring a choreography lesson for achieving the best result
Titova Anastasiya Yur'evna

post-graduate student of the Department of Theory, Methods and Arrangement of SocioCultural Activity at Russian New University

142171, Russia, Moscow, str. Teatral'naya, 1A

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The article describes the specificity of choreographic training that occurs when visiting a dance studio in the leisure center of additional education. The author provides general characteristics to the training in the choreographic team, as well as defines the impact of choreography upon the child's personality. The article exemplifies the sources of positive and negative results within the educational process. It is shown that in arranging the lesson, a pedagogue must clearly understand his goal, for achieving of which he can apply various methodology. It also demonstrated that almost all sources of the positive emotions are being preserved even in training in the strict choreographic team, where the important criteria of education is the discipline and rigor in demand of the execution of movements. Through such analysis, it became possible to highlight multiple points upon which the choreographic pedagogue can rely on for the successful organization of educational process. The author notes that each teacher before starting working with the children must develop a program for formation of the certain skills. The novelty scientific consists in the author's proposition of the work principles with the children's dance team, which can be applied in any choreographic direction. It is also underlined that for any teacher, coach, or educator, the key to success lies in the creative flair and intuition, self-organization and the constant pursuit to self-development.

Keywords: skills formation, organization of educational process, modern education, additional education, learning efficiency, psychology, pedagogy, choreography, dance, motivation



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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