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Urban Studies

Reconsideration of the new practices of erection of city monuments in post-Soviet Armenia
Atanesyan Garik

Post-graduate student, the department of Culturology, Erevan State University

0069, Armeniya, g. Erevan, ul. Gogolya, 38

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This article examines the mechanism of erection of the new city monuments in post-Soviet Armenia, as well as the reconsideration processes of their aesthetic significance in transformation of the urban symbolic landscapes. The residents of Armenia continue to welcome the erection of new monuments, thus the city authorities actively install the new statues across the country, approving all propositions of benefactors to rearrange the symbolic space of post-Soviet Armenia. Having examines the monuments erecter by benefactors in the cities of post-Soviet Armenia, it is stated that over the recent years the memorial landscape was transformed on both, physical and symbolic levels. Using the methods of observation and interview, the author clarifies the specificity of perception of the new monuments by the creative community and residents of the Armenian cities. The appearance of new monuments erected at the discretion of benefactors and entrepreneurs started to draw criticism of the experts and public that compare these statues with the tombstones. The residents of post-Soviet Armenia fear that in terms of continuing such practice, the cities will be filled with low-quality statues and tombstones, this blaming the city authorities that remain to approve all propositions on erection of monuments across the country.

Keywords: criticism, benefactor, society, cityscape, gravestone, city authorities, monument, memorial, statue, monument erection



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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